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Brand Development Programme

Brand Development Program is your pathway to expansion. In the modern day marketplace, it is very critical for every company to have its systems and procedures in place to grow their brand. If you aspire to take your brand beyond your local borders, Brand Development Program is meant for you.

You can expand your brand's presence through Franchise by registering for our programme. BookMyFranchise helps you to grow your brand and expand it across borders. We categorize our Brand Development Programme into two parts i.e. 1) Brand Consulting and 2) Marketing and Recruitment. Starting with Brand Consulting which is the laying foundation for any Brand to enter into the field of franchise expansion. In 3 months of the project timeline, we scrutinise every aspect of your business and ensure overall development by implication of our strategies.

A team of experienced professionals is allotted to work on strategic, financial, operational, marketing, and legal parameters of your business. Along with a designated team, a Key Account Manager is allotted as coordinator to keep you posted with the developments.

Brand Consulting

The scope of work is divided into 5 stages that covers multi – layered aspects of Brand expansion:-

  • Feasibility Study & Market Strategy
  • Structuring of Business and Financial Planning
  • Operational Flow Structure
  • Marketing Plan & Collaterals
  • Legal documentation

Brand Consulting Process

Phase 1


  • Market Study & opportunity assessment
  • Industry Facts & Figures
  • Regional Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis

Phase 2


  • Scientific approach in business marketing
  • Industry as in opportunity
  • Brand USP

Phase 3


  • Understanding Franchise Environment
  • Need for Franchising
  • Franchisor assessment
  • Recommended Franchise Model

Phase 4


  • Investment : CapEx & OPEX
  • Revenue Sources
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Franchise Financials
  • Supply Chain
  • Inventory Management
  • Procedure Management

Phase 5


  • Roll Out Plan
  • Franchise Profiling
  • Franchise Acquisition Strategy
  • Franchisor-Franchisee obligation

Phase 6


  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Collaterals
    • Franchise Kit.
    • Designing of the kit/advertisement
    • Expression of interest form etc
  • Legal Agreements
    • Template of Letter of Intent (LOI)
    • Template of Franchise Agreement

Table :- Summary of Brand consulting

  • Analysis of the business
  • Identifying Target groups & Consumption trends
  • Latest overall Industry Trends
  • Competition Assessment
  • Case Studies
  • SWOT analysis
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Product Portfolio in the outlet
  • Franchise Model for expansion
  • Celebrity finalization for the Business
  • Positioning of the brand in the market
  • Route-to-market
  • Partner selection criteria
  • Franchise structure
Business & Financial Plan
  • Investment plan
  • Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
  • Operational Expenditure (OPEX)
  • Initial franchise fee
  • Revenue sources & projections
  • Ongoing royalty
  • Advertising fees
  • ROI for the Business
  • Territory definition
  • Terms of agreement and renewal provisions
Operational Structure
  • Site Selection
  • Build-out and Décor Specifications
  • Latest overall Industry trends
  • Signage and Logo specifications
  • Required Equipment, Supplies, and Furnishings
  • Utilities and Services
  • Daily store operations
  • Opening to closing procedure
  • Inventory management
  • Finance and accounting procedures
  • Security guidelines
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • The training/introductory period
  • Scheduling employee work hour
  • The uniform and dress code
  • Franchisor reporting mechanism
  • Franchisor communication manual
Marketing Plan
  • Roll Out Plan
  • Franchise Profiling
  • Franchise Acquisition Strategy
  • Franchisor-Franchisees obligation
  • Franchise Kit.
  • Designing of the kit/advertisement
  • Expression of interest form etc.
  • Template of Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Template of Franchise Agreement

Marketing and Recruitment

After completion of the Brand Consulting part, the brand becomes ready for marketing to generate, identify, and finally recruit/appoint the quality franchisees. Marketing defines your brand image and makes you stand vibrantly apart. Both online and offline marketing has potential to drive tangible gains for your business. Our customised marketing plan strikes the right balance of both the modes to help you achieve your milestone.

Our Exclusive Marketing Approach

Having a Brand Presence today is of paramount importance as it brings credibility to your business. So we at BookMyFranchise cover each & every aspect of Franchise Marketing for expansion. In this program we imbibe the Digital Marketing i.e. the Online Marketing and Offline Marketing to strike towards the your potentials & goals.

What we do – Since the last 10 years, there has been a massive transformation in the era of marketing due to exceptional growth of Digital Marketing and the stats are surely convincing. Digital Marketing is interactive, shareable, adaptable & portable. It primarily involves Social Media Marketing i.e. Marketing your business on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Google. It also includes website listing which makes your business create an online presence. We also create a Homepage space for your business and list it on our website.

That's not all - Although we have taken the techno-savvy path for your promotions, we still embrace the old marketing sport. Active SMS & Email Marketing as well as cold calls for our existing investor database who are longing for new businesses comes along the package. It includes:-

  • Digital Marketing (Social Media & Website)
  • Dedicated E-mail Blast For “Opportunity Of The Week”.
  • Dedicated SMS Blast For “Opportunity Of The Week”.
  • E-mail & SMS Blast For Dedicated Group of Investors.
  • Website Listing on BookMyFranchise Homepage.
  • Additional Lead Support From CRM
  • Brochure Circulation To All Our Brand Associates & Investors
  • One on one Brand meets
  • Events and exhibitions

Digital (Online) Marketing “Digital Marketing is interactive, shareable, adaptable & portable!” Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Whats-app are essential modes of marketing today. SMS marketing for years has been a substantial source of lead generation. These marketing modes have helped us notch up our lead generation and conversion techniques by both online and offline integration.

Marketing Management
  • With our existing Client data base, we focus on generation of leads, short listing of investors & identification of most appropriate investors.
  • Designing the right Marketing Strategy based on the roll out plan, marketing intelligence and Target Market /Investor.
  • Implementing the marketing strategy and reaching out to various cities through our wide Marketing network.
  • Sharing procured Marketing Activities with the client on a Monthly basis.
  • Monthly reviews with brands & reports are shared by Key Accounts Manger with the client on a regular basis.

Lead Generation
  • Category listing on the website
  • Email and SMS Blast to the target audience
  • Representation through Social Media pages, Online, Blogs and other mediums
  • Key account management
  • Social Media Campaigns like google, FB, Instagram, blogs and Third-party campaigns
  • Internal database of investors interested in franchise business.
  • One on One Power Meets with Brands and Investors
  • Industry Specific Events

Lead Management
  • Assigning of leads to the Key Accounts Manager/ Managers.
  • Analysis of each inquiry to ensure they meet the client’s profile.
  • Guide and brief the prospect on the business modal and the franchisee’s role including initial introduction & fact finding with investors to learn more about them.
  • In depth discussion with the investor. Thorough review of the candidate to assess suitability for the franchise backed by site approval and reference check.
  • Facilitate meetings with suitable investors and the brand.
  • Follow up calls and post meeting feedback provided to the brand.
  • Sign up

Franchise Recruitment/ Appointment

Franchise marketing is exponentially crucial to generate lead of a prospective investor who is looking to grow as an entrepreneur through the franchising root. The BookMyFranchise takes care of marketing through various mediums and helps to filter, arranged meetings, discuss in detail and finally sign up. A Key Account Manager is allotted who ensures Franchise Marketing & Recruitment activities are procured at the right time. Initiate and complete the process of signing of Letter of Intent (LOI) and other agreement process and send the final application for processing. BookMyFranchise helps provide you with a 360 degree support throughout the entire Business Development Programme.

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