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Benefits of Registration

One Point Contact for all Queries & Requirements

Investor will get a Business Advisor (Key Account Manager) who will help in evaluating and getting the right franchise business based on the investment criterion, industry preference, geographical preference, operational feasibility and many other factors.

Complete Hand Holding

Investor will get hand holding and support to start a new franchise business through BookMyFranchise by identifying the right brand across 12+ different industries, 50+ Sub - Sectors and 900+ brands. Multiple business opportunities can be taken within one year as per investment capacity of the investor.

Experience & Interest based recommendation

BookMyFranchise helps in finding the best business suited to the investor based on his profile, wherein investor can own a franchise and run his own business.

Market Intelligence

BookMyFranchise helps in developing your market intelligence to analysis the feasibility of the right type of business for you.

Regional Analysis & Brand Recommendation

On the basis of the regional analysis and investor profile analysis, BookMyFranchise will suggest the best business opportunities from different categories and brands.

Best Possible Information Disclosure

BookMyFranchise will provide all the relevant information for the selected brand and organise all meetings with shortlisted brand.

Research Based Recommendation

BookMyFranchise will do Regional analysis which entails complete research work including Competitor Analysis, Target group analysis in the given region and basis the same brands will be recommended.

In-depth Analysis

Consulting team will perform extra investigation and In-depth Analysis (if required).

Con-calls & Meetings

BookMyFranchise will help investor to evaluate the deal by sequencing con-calls and meetings with the brand to take an informed decision.

Deal Negotiation

BookMyFranchise would help make the deal negotiation at a best possible price wherever necessary and to the extent possible.

Documentation Support

BookMyFranchise will provide complete documentation support as required.

Location and site selection support

BookMyFranchise will guide and assist you with selecting location and site for your preferred business.

Entry to events and exhibitions

Investor will get Free pass/Entry to the exhibitions organised by BookMyFranchise during the one year membership period.


BookMyFranchise will keep the investor information confidential and use the same for official purposes only.

Registration Process

Details and documentation required for completing the registration process with BookMyFranchise

Investor Registration Form - Attached herewith is the soft copy of the form. The form needs to be duly signed and filled with all the details in regards to your contact details, current occupation, location details, preferred business etc.

Documentation Required

Photo ID proof - PAN card (Mandatory), Driving License etc. (any one)

Address Proof - Passport, Aadhar card etc. (any one)

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to guide you step by step with other details required to complete the registration process.

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