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Franchise Investment Advisory

BookMyFranchise aims to create a common ground for investors and brand owners to help them make profitable collaboration for their businesses. Investors or franchisees can capitalize on brands that match their preferences in terms of size and investment. With the availability of a series of brands ranging from small scale, medium to premium, investors have the luxury to choose the right franchise depending upon their budgets, location, and industry of their choice. Our team of consulting experts helps each investor decide the best investment opportunity teamed along with a Key Account Manager who helps in guiding, evaluating and getting the right franchise business opportunity right upto deal closure. This ensures that you get seamless handholding and dedicated support throughout your business buying process from BookMyFranchise multiple business portfolios and regular updates of new opportunities thereafter.

Points to consider for making the right choice :-

There are plenty of aspects that should be considered before selecting any brand or company.

Your interest:

The first and the foremost thing to consider is your interest. Be sure that the business you are investing in should be in accordance with your interest. Be sure what your goals are for the future. Be sure regarding your weakness and strength, which role you want to play as an entrepreneur and what kind of commitment you want to make.


Make a thorough research of your city and choose the perfect spot to start that business. Location is one of the most important factors for success of any business. Make sure that the location can attract the costumers at good ratio.


Many franchisors offers training according to brand’s demand by full instructions and support. So select those franchises that offer necessary training to you and your staff.


In every business, there are many competitors. A strategic business is comparatively easier in the market. Every business has to have competitions, even a well-known franchisee brand would have competitions, so understand the audience’s expectations and choose a brand which could serve better and help grow your business and brand’s name. It is a very good thing to compare different brands and their competitors before choosing the right business.


Before stepping into any franchising, you should be perfectly aware of your budgets and expenditures. You would be required to invest on the materials, location and store, staff etc.


Be sure that the franchise and business you are choosing do have a good demand among the people of your city or locality. It is important that there is good demand and market for you products and people are willing to pay for it easily.

How we help you to choose the right business :-

The first step in owning a franchise is to assess the knowledge of the client on franchising and new business. This is achieved by doing complete profiling of the client. Further, our trained staff works tenaciously to provide the best opportunities based on requirements and abilities.

Buying a franchise is easier than starting a self-owned and branded business. Running a business is a demanding affair that takes time, more investment, focus and discipline. Franchising does not provide results overnight. In most cases, it does not yield instant results. However, it does involve a lesser risk then starting a self-owned Brand but like any other business, franchising is also a long-term plan. Connoisseurs of franchising, we will assist you in finding the right franchise. Getting in touch with our consultants will set you out on the path to franchise ownership. By registering with us, you will be presented with a list of franchising opportunities that are the best suited to your goals and needs.

There is a plethora of franchise options to invest in across various sectors like Health & Fitness, Education, Retail, Distribution & Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Business Services, Sports, Travel & Tourism etc. Based on your preferences, goals and needs, we will devise a list of franchise options especially suited to you.

We will provide you with shortlisted franchise options along with an in-depth data on them including but not limited to the project info, ROI plan, Approx Financials etc for you to assess and research on.

Once the In-depth Analysis and brainstorming is done with our consultants, we will put you through the right person who will then walk you through the brand’s business model and provide you with a copy of their franchise kit or their detailed franchise model which will help you take a final decision if suited.

By buying a franchise, you are buying a fully-fledged system that comes with a detailed instruction manual on how to proceed with every aspect of your business. Through our Brand Buying process, you will receive all research tools necessary to investigate the franchise. We will aid you with Choosing the Right franchise from the Relevant ones, Negotiations, Knowhow on Franchise Model, Business Viability, legal and everything that you will need in terms of assistance to take a new business.

With an aim of aiding people to the successful route of owning a franchise, we provide the assistance needed to set up a thriving business. Now that you have a better understanding about franchising, you have to address things you want to include and exclude in your dream business. Hence, contact our Consultants today and help us assist you to make a strong Foothold in your franchise business.

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