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Investor Onboarding

Investor Onboarding is a growth strategy that lays down the foundation of our relationship with you. It is one of the formalities that helps us in reaching out to you and add value to your venture. You will have to pay a nominal fee of rupees nine thousand nine hundered and ninety nine only (puls applicable taxes) to register yourself as an investor. This fee ensures a firm commitment between both of us to our best interests.

As our registered investor, we ensure to cater to every single query with in-depth ground research. We would help you explore the diversified opportunities and assist you right from choosing the most receptive business opportunity to its establishment.

Strategical Approach To Set Up Your Business

INFORMATION - Access desired information by reaching out to any of our expert advisors/consultant. We will guide you through the best suitable business opportunities so you can take an informed decision.

EVALUATION -We then evaluate the business opportunity by evaluating Investment Prospects, Returns, Competitor Analysis, and Project Viability. We further narrow down our evaluation to your Location, Qualification, Investment, and Business Interest.

DEAL NEGOTIATION -We aim to make every bit of your hardearned money count! We would negotiate on your behalf to any possible extent and conclude the deal at the best possible price, after all, nobody likes an overpriced purchase.

SIGN-UP - Lastly, we assist you in legal formalities and signing up.

Benefits of Investor onboarding

Multiple Business Opportunities:
The sky is your limit and hence in accordance with your investing capacity, we help you take up multiple business opportunities. We are investor driven and our prime aim is to work for your best interest.

Market Intelligence:
Market Analysis is of paramount importance while setting up a franchise. Possibility of any business picking pace largely depends on a served market and hence market intelligence is of prime importance. We assure you the best possible ground work and suggest the most feasible business as per your profile.

Regional Analysis & Brand Recommendation:
Regional analysis as exponentially essential for a brand recommendation, for your business must cater to the needs of people in and around your region. On the basis of the regional profile analysis, we suggest the best suitable business opportunities.

Best Possible Information Disclosure:
We provide you with all the relevant information related to your selected franchisee including their financials so you can take an informed decision.

In-depth Analysis
The Key Account Manager and this team would perform intensive and indepth research and development to scrutinize every aspect of your franchise business.

Con-calls & Meetings:
The Franchise Group helps the investor by sequencing meetings with the brand to clarify doubts and close the deal. These meetings help to objectifying business goals and maintain connectivity until the deal closure.

Legal Assistance:
Setting up a business and legal formalities go hand in hand. We save your hustle and take care of every legal formalities and documentation needed throughout the setup.

We have zero tolerance policy in regards to privacy breaches. We respect your privacy and assure that no investor’s information would be compromised in any manner. We maintain utmost confidentiality and restrict the use of your document solely for official purpose.

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